Pulse Pro Drum Set Review

Buy the Pulse Pro Drum SetReview Summary: The Pulse Pro 5-piece drum set features suspension mounted toms and double-braced hardware at an unbeatable price.  This complete set includes everything except the throne!

Pros: The best value for a full size drum set, without exception.  More features than any other drum set in this price range.  The price includes drum shells, hardware and cymbals.  No other set in this price range offers rim suspension mounted toms and double-braced hardware.

Cons: With the low price comes compromises, such as, lower-quality drum heads that lack durability and good sound quality.

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Imagine yourself behind a set of drums, jamming with your friends! This kit from Pulse Pro allows you to do that without breaking the bank.  The Pulse Pro 5-piece drum set is the lowest cost, full-size drum set on the planet!

Quick Stats:

Pricing $429.98 = $399.99 Pulse Pro drums, cymbals and hardware + $29.99 Sound Percussion Drum Throne
Drum Sizes 22"x16" bass, 12"x10" and 13"x11" toms, 16"x16" floor tom, 5.5"x14" snare.
Hardware Pulse Pro Hardware: Snare, straight, boom and hi-hat stands. Chain-drive bass drum pedal.  Sound Percussion Drum Throne (sold separately).
Cymbals Pulse Pro Cymbals: 18" crash/ride, 16" crash, 14" hi-hats.
Colors Blue, Silver, Wine Red, Black.
Suspended Tom Holders Yes - Pulse Pro's rim-style suspension system for the mounted toms.
Steel Snare Drum Shell Yes - The Pulse Pro steel snare drum will provide great response and a distinct sound.


The Cost - This is the lowest price you'll pay for a full-size, all-inclusive drum set. This set even includes a pair of drumsticks!

Sturdy Hardware - This kit comes with durable and sturdy hardware.  The stands are double braced for stability but lightweight for ease of transport.  The bass drum pedal has a chain drive between the foot board and the beater which has quicker response than a leather strap.

Rim-style Tom Mount System - Rack toms (the toms attached to the bass drum) are mounted using a tom suspension system.  This means that instead of having holes drilled in the drum shells to mount the toms on the bass drum, toms are suspended from a mounting bracket attached to the rim of the tom.  Fewer drill holes in the drum shells means more resonant and better sounding toms.

A Variety of Colors - Most drum sets in this price category offer one or two colors.  Pulse Pro offers four colors: Blue, Silver, Wine Red and Black.

Steel Shell Snare Drum - The Pulse Pro drum sets feature a steel shell snare drum.  This drum has superior tone and clarity when played at any volume.


Drumheads - To keep costs from getting too high, low quality drumheads are used on the Pulse Pro drum set. These heads will not last long and will not sound as good as name-brand heads, such as, Remo.  The good news is that you can buy replacement heads when necessary.


This drum set is great for a beginner or a drummer on a budget.  Pulse uses quality materials making the set well worth the price.  This kit is professional sounding and looks great.  It could be the last set you buy, regardless of your playing level!

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